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Walled Lake Derby Fishing Lures & Lure Kits

Walled Lake Derby Fishing Lures & Lure Kits

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A fishing lure is an artificial bait used to attract fish to bite on a fishing line. It is typically made of materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, or wood, and designed to mimic the appearance and movement of natural prey. Fishing lures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its own unique properties to attract specific types of fish. They are essential for fishing because they increase the chances of catching fish by imitating the behavior of prey and enticing fish to strike. Without a fishing lure, fishermen would have a much harder time catching fish and would rely solely on live bait or other natural means of fishing.

Choose from (1) Lure, or purchase a Small (5) or Large (12) Lure Kit if you intend on using more than 1. Derby participants are of course welcome to bring their own lures as well. 

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